Complete bliss of Nature on off beaten paths!

Discover The Hidden gems in Thailand!There is an array of less touristy travel destinations that are simply incredible. Exploring lesser-visited destinations in Thailand is a fantastic place to explore and reminisce in the bliss of Nature on off beaten trails. Thailand is one of the most visited countries. This reason makes many parts of the country profoundly affected by over-tourism. However, when it comes to exploring this gem of a nation and its pristine Nature without the crowds, Thailand takes a top spot on the off beaten path travel.The northern region of Thailand is utterly different from the rest of the country, in culture, climate, it’s landscape and is a perfect start to venture as you go deep in nature and traverse to places that are totally prodigious. Here you will find mountains, rivers, waterfalls and even a place of hill tribes! Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Chiang Pai are the most famous places and these parts of Thailand, then have a further read.
Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai i…

Here’s why now is the best time to book a ski holiday

Amidst the cold climate, there she goes down the snowy slopes having the best time of her life! But anyone up for skiing, and not sure about the best time to book a ski holiday? Well, it’s no wonder that a majority of us are facing a meticulous time due to the ongoing global pandemic. But I would say NOW is the best time to book a ski holiday! Thinking of future travel, what doesn’t make you believe that now is the best time to book a ski holiday? Everything will come together in a few months, and so will the ski season where the temperature drops the most.
The best time to go on a ski holiday is between early January to end-March, and ski holidays will open you up to many opportunities while giving you the best of your desires all the time. Also, you’ll come across many offerings by ski holiday destinations that will have you addicted to the whole idea of skiing. Book in advance to avoid hassle and messing things up. Take advantage of the low airfares and slashed-out holiday booking e…

Flavours of Sri Lanka, from your kitchen!

What other things can you do while being confined in your home, other than staying glued to the TV and taking mini trips to the refrigerator and back to the couch? Don’t you just wish that you were on a beautiful tropical island, indulging yourself with a cocktail by the beach and tasting some authentic paradise cuisine? I was there at one point too, but then I thought to myself, what if I could bring in some of that flavours to my kitchen, and guess what? After some research, I tried out some recipes from Sri Lanka. So, I thought of sharing them with you!For Sri Lankans food is everything, and the essential ingredient is the spices. So, before we get into the recipes, we’ll get to know about the essential spices used in Sri Lankan cuisine. Spices promote flavours, colours and fragrance of food. If the spices are used in the correct quantity and blend, spices can do magic for even the most ordinary food, transforming it into fragrant and sumptuous meals. Here are some interesting poin…

Air travel and social distancing – post COVID-19.

Yes, I know how ‘bored in the house and in the house bored’ you are. You might have finished binge-watching all your favourite tv series, including the ones you never even thought of watching. Quarantine has not been easy on us, and I know exactly how you are feeling right now. You may have spoken to all the blokes and girls in social media out of boredom, and you might have done challenges which you never dreamt of, trust me I’m one of them. Now you might be saying you want to travel to your favourite beach destination or wherever, after the pandemic ends, but did you ever think about what will it be to fly along with social distancing?
But, your getaway isn’t a loss of course when you fly with Travel Center! I know we are all getting cold feet since the outbreak has been hitting on our chances of travelling, but that doesn’t mean we should give up our travel dreams. Because giving up is not what heroes do, right?

The Aviation Industry and our influenceThe aviation trade has never hand…

Trendy Travel Methods in 2020/2021

We stepped into a new decade, and it has not been the best so far, but things will change for the better! Being confined in your home for an extended period is the best time to decide where you’re going to travel next, will it be a family holiday? A beach holiday? Or something completely different from your typical vacation? Travel has gone through an immense change during the past years, and new travel trends are being brought to life.
With the rise of carbon emissions, people have come up with new travel trends, about going green and so on. With so many new travel trends, let’s check out some trends that are popular in travel for 2020 and 2021.

Sustainability Travel – going green!This method for travel has become an essential foundation for luxury travel experiences. Since many hotels and airlines are already in the ‘Go Green’ theme, and sustainable travel has become a grand travel trend and is growing, this is a way we can preserve the beauty of mother-nature –   this is the perfect …

Discover the outstanding wonders of Florence

“Go beyond glossy travel pictures and voyages to unveil the glories of your journey” OLIVIA ANDERSON

Florence is an inspiring art destination that has flourished Tuscany with its fabulous landscapes, amazing artwork, architecture and its incredible charm. This small city on the banks of the Arno River in north-eastern Tuscany dazzle its region with manmade wonders that evokes the illustrious past, with monuments from the city’s golden age which are unmatched from the rest of the other European destinations. Florence still remains romantic, enchanting and utterly irresistible to explore. The narrow-cobbled streets offer a cinematic feast of 15th – 16th century palazzi, medieval chapels, fresco decorated churches, marble basilicas and world class art museums are few of the marvellous attractions that will make your experiences memorable in a city like Florence. Need an inspiration to explore Florence? Take a look at our 7 top attractions in Florence that will guide you to discover this am…